To donate, or not to donate, that is the question:

In my previous posting here I talked about CAVCON and what it means. Following some noteworthy points that were raised in the CAVCON Meter thread on the forums, I thought I’d use this posting to discuss a very closely related subject, that of “donations.”

Donations is a topic that can become a touchy one: That’s understandable because we’re talking about asking people to part with hard earned money, so it’s worth making sure that people know what it’s all about.
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So, what is this CAVCON thing?

It seems that quite a few people are confused by CAVCON, moreso following recent changes RAWA made to what was being reported, so I thought I should try to explain my interpretation of what the CAVCON Meter reports mean and at the same time address a few of the more recurring questions associated with it.
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It’s all relative…

…but not always.

It should be no secret by now that MO:ULa’s CAVCON is something of a pet subject for me. This latest bit of musing on the subject was triggered by something Malfhok posted on the MO:UL forums.
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DeBinkifying CWE

Now that some six months has elapsed since the issue with RAD Game Tools’ Bink license emerged, it’s perhaps time explain some of what arose for those who weren’t directly involved.

A couple of people have asked, most recently Jamie Marchant on the MOUL forums, if there might be other problem licenses linked to the CWE sources. I think that most people who are used to reading and understanding licenses among the fan community have had a good dig through the libraries and SDKs and have not found anything else of concern and you need to understand that Bink was a very unusual case, for a number of reasons.
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