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EDER D’URU UPDATE – August 23, 2009

Monday, August 24th, 2009

The following was sent out in a notecard to members of the Eder D’Uru group in Second Life.

* * NEWS * *

EDER D’URU GUILDS MEETING HELD ON SUNDAY – Summary & Chatlog (edited) Highlights include:
* ISLAND UPDATE: After a major burst of building on the island in recent months, things have slowed again to allow for the dust to settle, but plans are being made to build a neighborhood with apartments on the northern perimeter which will include a walking connection to the courtyard at the top of the island.
* LAND ISSUES/POLICIES: There was a recent spate of “musical parcels” when one resident (VHY Aichi [aka Rusty0918]) abandoned four parcels and the Guild of Healers moved there; Vax Tolesha moved into their former parcels, and Tia Tai’s store moved over a bit to make room for the new neighborhood. The Post Office map of residents has been updated to reflect these changes. (See below for new Landmarks.) Everyone seems happy with the results except that we still miss Rusty and are concerned about him. (All efforts to contact him have been unsuccessful. If you have any info, please contact an ED resident.)
* FUN & GADGETRY: Jeff announced that a new age will be opened at Eder D’Uru by September 1st. Although he didn’t state which age it is, he noted that recent updates to the KI HUD included a feature to be used there as it “provides some control features.”
– Monthly Puzzles are still “coming soon.” In the meantime, a sim friend, Xaviens has rezzed a light puzzle “thing” in one of the puzzle rooms. Feel free to sneak in there and give it a try; the clue is in the entrance.
– NomadMolly Nostram reported that she is planning to begin holding live concerts on her parcel in the near future.
* PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK: Information about the Nexus “What can we do?!” edition and perhaps the first ever open age development Eder D’Uru has done announcement. More details on both, coming soon :)

Guild of Healers Retreat
Vax Tolesha MAIN Store
Tia Tai’s Big Box Store

If you have the KI HUD, but don’t make full use of it, you might be wondering what all the recent “spam” was about… Well, some new features were added which required sending out an update. Then, some bugs were reported and once they were fixed, another update was sent out. Each update included a notecard of information and a prim KI for wearing since one of the new features is an interface between the prim KI & the HUD KI. So, three items each update. ; )
– What new features you ask? Well, there’s now an animation which makes it appear that you’re actually using the KI on your hand. If you long ago disabled the typing animation, here’s how to get it back to make this feature work: Click on “Advanced” on the top menu bar (Ctrl + Alt + D if “Advanced” isn’t already in your tool bar); click on “Debug Settings”; scroll down to “PlayTypingAnim”; set to “True” and close the dialog box to save.
– Aside from the typing animation, one of the features is yet to be revealed, but sources tell me that it has something to do with a new age planned for release by September 1st at Eder D’Uru. ; )
– JeffeJ5005 Lewis recently noted that the KI HUD database currently has approximately 450 users; however, only 80 of them have the latest version, only 29 have completed calibration, and only 8 of those have created a marker mission. He called on Eder D’Uru residents to calibrate their KI and encourage others to do so in order to be able to create marker missions. He noted that the markers can be renamed in order to make word scrambles and other fun puzzles.
– Some people have complained that the KI’s radar (Age Players List) causes lag and have requested a “minimize” feature that would turn off most scripts when not in use. Perhaps if enough people request this feature, it will become a priority for implementation.
– If anyone has any questions or needs assistance with calibration or creating missions, they can contact JeffeJ5005 Lewis or Nadnerb Tebaldi. KI dispensers can be found in the Great Shaft at Eder D’Uru, in Eder Gira, Minkarta, and now in Devokan. If anyone else would like to host a KI dispenser, they should contact JeffeJ5005 Lewis.

Courtyard at Eder D’Uru
Come see what some of your fellow SL residents look like in RL. Photos taken by Marten at Mysterium are currently on view in the Eder D’Uru courtyard, but will be removed at the end of the month.


* * EVENTS * *

Now through August 31st
The Eder D’Uru Summer Journey focuses on the sim residents. Visit the residents’ homes or favorite locations in the sim to learn about them to solve a simple puzzle for a prize.

Every Sunday at 11am SLT.
Guild of Healers Retreat
Learn to relax and let go of tension.

Thursdays at 9:00 AM (SL)
D’NI LANGUAGE CLASS with Rehnehmtahn Later (Rehn)
Top Floor, New Building, Eder D’Uru

Thursdays starting at 4:30 SLT
Courtyard at Eder D’Uru
We begin each playdate in the courtyard with the magical dodecahedron dancing ball. Where it will lead or what will happen is anybody’s guess. Catch us if you can! ; )

Sundays starting at Noon SLT
Not just for Guild Members or ED Residents, all are welcome to attend.

Every Weekday except Wednesday, starting at Noon & 2:30 PM SLT
Community Room at Eder D’Uru
Dagda Sideways (Noon) will be returning from his hiatus any day now…
DMom2K Darwin (2:30) is currently reading Otherland Volume One: City of Golden Shadow by Tad Williams.
* These readings are also available on TeamSpeak
Download TeamSpeak here

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