EDER D’URU UPDATE – June 8th, 2009

The following is a reprint of a notecard sent to members of the Eder D’Uru group in Second Life:

The Eder D’Uru Council proudly welcomes Ghaelen Winnikow and the Guild of Healers (GoH) as our newest residents. The GoH is not one of Eder D’Uru’s SL versions of a guild, but one which was begun during the last months of MOUL, based on one of the 20 historical D’ni guilds.
In MOUL, the GoH held peaceful “Circles in Tsogahl” gatherings with music provided by Ktahdn (aka Lord Chaos). After being evicted from the cavern, they continued to meet on their forum and private chatroom, but craved a physical presence. Now they have come to Second Life to create a space for events which are “musical, healing, open-ended, mysterious, inviting, calming, entertaining, challenging, encouraging.”
Ghaelen has just begun modification of the two parcels tucked into the NorthEast corner, but it’s already showing much promise as a peaceful retreat. Although the GoH Outreach Retreat is still under construction, a Guild of Healers event is planned for this Saturday, June 13th (10AM) and will be held on the roof of the new mall.

EDER D’URU GUILDS MEETING HELD SUNDAY – Summary & Chatlog available upon request. Some of the highlights include:

The Guild of Planners is launching two contests, a census, and working on a geocache this month! Whew! What a start to summer! Grab the attached notecard and learn how you can get in on the fun!

The new ferry system, currently being installed will have three lines – the yellow line to run from the main harbor to the neighborhood (under construction), to the great shaft and the blue & green lines to make the rounds of the resident parcels in opposite directions.

The mini-journeys were created to draw visitors to the ED cavern and introduce them to some of our more interesting locations, so that was the focus of the first four. The July Journey will head off that beaten path and introduce visitors to our residents and their own parcels or favorite location in the cavern. To see an example and receive more information on how you can participate, visit the Guild of Publicists pub.

* * EVENTS * *

The June “Journey” is out, now. Please go meet tour guide Emmett Dale in the Post Office: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eder%20D%20Uru/108/75/131

Every Weekday except Wednesday, starting at Noon & 2:30 PM SLT
Dagda Sideways (Noon) is currently reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
DMom2K Darwin (2:30) will be taking a hiatus until June 29th when she will resume with the Nursery Crime Series: The Fourth Bear.
* These readings are also available on TeamSpeak urubookclub.myguildts.com:8941

Saturday, June 13th, 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (SLT)
The Eder D’Uru Council invites you to join us in welcoming the Guild of Healers to Second Life as they hold their first event here – “a metaphorical caravan…following the interwoven complexities of the Silk Road.” Music provided by D’niJ Ktahdn (aka Lord Chaos). As with all their events, it promises to be “musical, healing, open-ended, mysterious, inviting, calming, entertaining, challenging, encouraging.”
SIDENOTE: you can find free quality clothing to dress for the occassion at Yak & Yeti: * There you’ll find Asian clothing from Nepal, Tibet and India for her and him, Buddhist and Bollywood jewellery, casuals and undies, Tibetan furniture – all free. (Donation jar on site.)

June 8th thru 25th
Day classes on Mondays & Thursdays at 1:00pm SLT (Instructor Dagda Sideways & aide Ishtar Roussel). Evening classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00pm SLT (Instructor DeAnn Dufaux & aide Tailahr Winnikow). These are both three week sessions. To enroll, contact the instructor or aide for the session of your choice.

Sundays, June 14, 21, 28, starting at Noon SLT
Weekly Guild Meetings in the Guild Hall.

Thursday, June 18th, 4pm SLT

Saturday, June 20th – details tba
Lord Chaos’ 4th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, June 27th, Noonish
Celebrating the first anniversary of the creation of The Great Boxbot Union group. All the toys created over the past year will be brought out, and hopefully some new ones as well.

Tailahr Winnikow

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