EDER D’URU UPDATE – June 15th, 2009

The following is a reprint of a notecard sent to members of the Eder D’Uru group in Second Life:

* * NEWS * *
THE SILK ROAD CARAVAN organized by the Guild of Healers at Eder D’Uru on Saturday turned out to be even better than either the organizers or attendees expected. Approximately 20-25 people sat in or around the fountain-pool, listening to the music and reading Ktahdn’s impromptu narration in text of our journey from China to the Mediterranean Sea. On foot, camel, and horses, we traveled through mountains, desert and other terrain, all the while chatting and sharing this indescribable experience. All I can say is that it lived up to its promise to be “musical, healing, mysterious, inviting, calming, entertaining, challenging, encouraging.” We were all saddened to reach the end of the journey, but Ktahdn pointed out “the road really is never-ending” and so we look forward to continuing this journey with our friends soon.

EDER D’URU GUILDS MEETING HELD SUNDAY – Summary & Chatlog available upon request. Some of the highlights include:
~ QUESTIONS ABOUT THE NEW MALL — We’ve received several inquiries about the new Cavern Mall, and although it is open and some merchants have already moved in, the final rental rate has not been set. It is currently set at 200L/wk for 20 prims, but that rate is likely to be lowered by the end of the week. If someone wants to move in now in order to secure a good spot, that’s fine, but we cannot give refunds for the difference when the rate is lowered. Current tenants will get the new rate, just not a refund for the time already paid.
~ BUILDING CONTESTS UPDATE — Guild of Planners GM Eleri Ethaniel announced that fishbowls for collecting entries into the fish-building and clothes-creating contests would be placed in the ED Post Office, soon..
~ JULY JOURNEY UPDATE — Tailahr asked again for residents (and regular visitors) to consider participating in the creation of the July Journey which is designed to focus on the residents and their homes or favorite locations in the sim. To see an example and receive more information on how you can participate, visit the Guild of Publicists pub .
~ PUZZLE ROOMS UPDATE — Guild of Builders GM Dagda Sideways reported that the GoBuilders had a meeting about the puzzle rooms last week and that some interesting ideas came up. He stated that anyone who would like to help design/build/script the puzzle rooms would be more than welcome and can IM him to volunteer.

JUNE SPARKLIE HINT (in case you missed it; only 15 days left to find it): Our mysterious ResEng friend is at it again. I recieved this message yesterday…”Great Stairs… check. Khalo pub… check. Guild Hall… check. Just this last place to look and I’ll have all my inspections done on the first of the month. Oh no, first day of the month!” *falls off the roof* His luck still hasn’t caught up with him this month either… Poor ResEng.

Discover the secrets of the Eder D’Uru Surface. As always, the journey begins in the Post Office where you’ll meet your special tour guide, Emmett Dale.

* * EVENTS * *

Every Weekday except Wednesday, starting at Noon & 2:30 PM SLT
Dagda Sideways (Noon) will begin Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury on Tuesday, the 16th. DMom2K Darwin (2:30) is on hiatus until June 29th when she will resume with the Nursery Crime Series: The Fourth Bear. * These readings are also available on TeamSpeak urubookclub.myguildts.com:8941

Thursday, June 18th, 4pm SLT
BI-WEEKLY PLAYDATE: Racing Vehicles (Tractors!!!) in Minkata
Temporary tractors (riding lawn mowers, actually, but “Tractors!!!” sounds better) will be provided, but you can get your own by completing the June Journey.

Saturday, June 20th, beginning at 10 AM SLT and going until….
Eder D’Uru will be broadcasting D’niJ Ktahdn as he takes a musical journey into the community’s past via the playlists that accompanied many Uru events. Wherever you are, you can tune in the music on any media player through the wonders of Shoutcast, server kindly provided by Ashtar. Open this URL: http://radioktdn.zapto.org:8025

Sundays, June 21, 28, starting at Noon SLT

Thursday, June 27th, 8 AM SLT, Community Room
GRADUATION CEREMONY & CELEBRATION for D’ni Language Class Students

Saturday, June 27th, Noonish
Celebrating the first anniversary of the creation of The Great Boxbot Union group. All the toys created over the past year will be brought out, and hopefully some new ones as well.

Saturday, July 4th
details tba


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