Eder D’Uru Update – June 1, 2009

Note: The following is from a notecard which was sent out to the Eder D’Uru group in Second Life.

Much has happened at Eder D’Uru since the last update on March 19th. When I started these updates, I planned to send them out bi-weekly, but then so much was happening here that it was difficult to find the time to write about them. But, now that we’re documenting the Eder D’Uru build and all its events on the OpenUru.org website, I have even more reason to keep up with them. (The plan is to post the same information there that I send out in a notecard to the Eder D’Uru group in SL.)
     As the guildmaster for the Publicists, it’s been my duty to attract visitors to Eder D’Uru – by whatever means necessary – so, much of my time has been spent building and creating fun things and events for visitors to do here. But, now that the ED guilds are really beginning to develop, I feel more confident that the Planners will plan events and the Builders will assist them in carrying them out. Although I hope to continue participating with both of those guilds, I plan to spend more of my time writing about upcoming events and documenting all aspects of the Eder D’Uru sim.
     The mini-journeys I’ve created each month since March were one of my efforts to promote Eder D’Uru, but they’re quite time-consuming to plan and execute, and I really ought to make that space available to others for their builds and events. However, I really enjoyed making them, so I might continue them, but on a scaled back basis. (Well, at least, that’s the plan. 😉 )

So, since the last update…

* Eder D’Uru hosted two sessions of Rehnehmtahn Later’s excellent D’ni Language Lessons – 101 on the Tia Tai parcel and 201 on Svigermor Dharnen’s parcel. Plans are in the works for a graduation ceremony for the students.
* Leighana Lohner opened her “Junk in the Trunk” store on the upper walkway level. Her participation in SL hunts has drawn a lot of traffic to the sim.
* The Great Boxbot Union represented Eder D’Uru in the Fourth Annual Uru St. Patrick’s Day Parade held in Eder Gira.
* The first mini-journey was installed with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.
* The Community Room was completed and the Uru Book Club moved there from the Explorers Community Center.

* Minkata was opened and held the first sparklie in the new system designed and hosted by Nadnerb.
* ED Residents Dagda Sideways and DeAnn Dufaux began holding Beginners Building Classes. Ishtar Roussel assisted Dagda, and I assisted DeAnn. It’s been great fun working with the instructors and students and to see the creative homework submissions.
* The Kahlo Pub was completed and Nadnerb’s Heek table installed.
* The April mini-journey involved bunnies, various birds and lots of eggs.
* A giant Bahro was spotted throwing Uru Easter Eggs from the top of the Arch of Kerath to the landing on the Great Stairs.
* It rained in the desert on the surface.

* Patches of tiny blue flowers appeared throughout the desert on the surface, but were gone within 24 hours.
* The May Journey honored mothers and grandmothers, especially one in particular – Ti’ana, the “storyteller.” Visitors who completed the journey received a box of stars which held a “Bevin set” of firemarbles, cone and Eddie (the beachball). Explorers who tipped the linking book were given an extra gift – a HUD (heads up display) which would allow them to view the patches of blue flowers any time they wished until the end of May.
* Regular weekly meetings began being held in the Guild Hall. These are open to all. The two meetings held in May focused on plans for upcoming events, island building progress, and ironing out kinks in the ferry system. Meeting chatlogs are sent out to the Eder D’Uru Guilds group (open to everyone) and posted on the OpenUru.org website.
* Ghaelen has rented two parcels on behalf of the Guild of Healers which began in MOUL. Welcome Ghaelen Winnikow, Ktahdn Vesuvino (Lord Chaos), Indigo Kirax (Jane)

* A new sparklie appeared on schedule.
* The June Journey was delayed due to “Tai’s Rule” which states that “Projects conceived as ‘simple’ and/or ‘small’ must evolve into something elaborate and complicated before being completed.” With much assistance from Wyn Low & Dagda Sideways, it was finally completed and opened Thursday morning.


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