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KI v1.1 update

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

The Eder D’Uru KI has been updated to include an announcements feature, which will be utilized in the future, to inform wearers of events in Eder D’Uru, and also of most events listed in the D’ni Voice.

In addition, there have been a great deal of behind the scenes bugfixes and updates to the marker and calibration system.

Resident Bloggers

Friday, April 24th, 2009

We’re going to be introducing some blog posts from Second Life users and residents of Eder D’Uru to share some of their points of view on what we’re doing. So far we have one person who has contacted me willing to participate. If there are others, please let me know! I’ll need a sample of your writing, and what you specifically hope to write about should you be selected to write under this blog. We’ll discuss directly what I hope to see from these blog posts when I’m contacted. Please, don’t hesitate! I’m interested in starting this yesterday, and I don’t want to have too many people. If you’re interested act fast, spots might go quickly!

Discussion about this, such as if you like this idea or not will be taking place on the forums. Please let me know!

Forum link:

KI Released

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

The Eder D’Uru KI has been released. It features buddy listing and marker manipulation. You can get started by fetching a KI from the machines in the rest area at the Great Shaft in the Eder D Uru sim, or the city in the Eder Gira sim (or a great many other locations that have decided to host KI dispensers)

You can begin calibrating your KI by touching one of the machines in the Great Zero in the Eder Gira sim. (you can reach it by teleporting to the Eder Gira sim and clicking on the teleporter to the Great Zero)

Once calibration has begun, you will be required to find many of the markers placed on the Eder Gira and Eder D Uru sims. Markers will appear when you are within 10 meters of their location, and will emit a pinging sound. (the marker button on your KI will also turn red) In order to collect the marker, you will have to touch (click) it.

Once you have found a complete set of markers (as shown by the lights around the perimeter of your KI) you will need to return to the Great Zero and click the machine again. When you have completed both sets of markers, (and touched the GZ machine a final time) you will be allowed to create marker missions, send them to other players, and open missions sent to you by other players.

More missions may be released at a later time to allow you to complete the calibration of your KI and see polar coordinates in some sims.

Adding Buddies:

To add somone to your buddies list, locate their name in the age players list, and click it, this will display a screen showing their online status, and an arrow will appear next to the buddies list entry on the left. Click the arrow to add the person to your list.

Mission editing:

You can create a mission by pressing the + marker icon on your KI when you are not editing another mission. Pressing this button while editing a mission will add a marker at your current location. (when you first create a mission, a marker will be added at your current location as well) You will be prompted to say a name for the mission on channel 5. This is done by typing “/5 ” and the name you wish to use.

Markers can be deleted from a mission by clicking the D’ni zero symbol to the right of their name while editing a mission. You can only edit missions that you created.

You can change the name of a mission by opening it from the missions menu and clicking on it’s title, which will prompt you to say a new name on a chat channel. (5) This is done by typing “/5 ” and then the name. Markers can be renamed the same way when in edit mode, though clicking on them will also bring up the map, showing you the location of the marker.

Sending Missions to other players:

You can send missions to other players by locating the player’s name in the buddies or age players list and clicking them, this will place their name in the box on the top left of the menu area. Then, browse to the mission you want to send, and open it. An arrow will appear next to the box with the player name in it. Click this arrow to send the mission to that player.

Welcome to the blog!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Welcome to the Eder D’Uru blog. In our ever expanding efforts to increase our use of the site, and to work on our project with the site, and ourselves, we’re happy to bring you our new blog. This blog will be the place for the latest and most up to date info on what’s going on, directly from the folks working on it, or from the residents experiencing things. Just to restate what we’re all about, here’s a repost of our introduction which can also be found on the forums here as written by Dagda:

“The Uru community in Second Life is now very well established, with hundreds of members, dozens of groups and many regions of land filled with interesting builds. Explorers have replicated many Myst/Uru items and even recreated entire Ages, but the new Eder D’Uru sim (area) is unique. Structurally, Eder D’Uru (the garden of new community) is a cavern with a central island and a perimeter where residents build homes into the walls that blend their own personal style with the traditions of the D’ni. In the public areas you’ll find the Arch of Kerath, the Great Stairs, the neighborhood Community Room and many other familiar places. It’s a little bit of our old world brought to this new one and reworked to fit the needs of our community. Ultimately, though, these places are just venues. The real purpose of Eder D’Uru lies in carrying forth traditions and building a stronger community. 
In most cases in Second Life, a sim is purchased by one or two people who build along some theme and then sell or rent parcels to others. Eder D’Uru parcels were pre-sold in order to buy the sim and the only thing built before residents moved in were the outer cavern walls and the desert surface over the top. Additionally, a resident council and system of guilds was framed to run the sim before it was purchased, so the residents could feel a true sense of ownership right from the beginning. Eder D’Uru has about 20-25 “residents” (13 actual parcel owners, plus some “roommates” and non-resident guild members). The parcel owners and heads of guilds form the Residents Council, which works together to make any necessary sim-wide decisions. 

The Eder D’Uru guilds, though modeled after the major D’ni guilds, have a definite SL spin to them and are open to all, not just sim residents. The Guild of Builders will oversee the contruction of half of our planned monthly puzzles and occasional small projects and will offer building classes and resources to our residents and the Uru community as a whole. The Guild of Scripters, though currently without a Grand Master, will contribute scripts for the puzzles and other projects for the sim, as well as offer classes of its own. A few of the most experienced members of the Builders and Scripters guilds are contributing to the building of the major public areas of the sim. The Guild of Planners will work to keep people coming back to Eder D’Uru with interesting activities. The Guild of Publicists will make sure everyone in the wider Uru community is aware of what’s going on with the “ED Update” and other promotions. And the members of the all-important Guild of Philosophers will wander aimlessly while pondering the mysteries of the universe. 

This project on OpenUru is being initiated for the Eder D’Uru guilds to coordinate and track their projects, and also offer a glimpse into the community for those outside of Second Life. We’ve chosen to utilize the OpenUru site, not just for the tools it has to offer, but also to allow others to monitor the progress of this little experiment and have a chance to participate. Our greatest hope is that it will produce information that can ultimately benefit Uru – even if that’s just seeing how people work together to build a community. To this end, we will be using a blog to make announcements and give some of Eder D’Uru’s central team space to talk about some of the aspects of running the sim. The forums will be used to give residents a place to discuss projects and issues outside of the more “official” blog, and serve as a point of contact between residents and non-SL users. We’ll use the wiki to release the details of certain specific projects, especially our monthly puzzles, once development is complete. The specifics of these various tools will be coming in future posts here and in the forums. 

So in the end, Eder D’Uru, like Uru itself, is an experiment in building and sustaining a community. It won’t always go smoothly, but we hope the things we learn along the way can be carried forward to make the future of our sim and of Uru stronger. Keep an eye on the blog and this thread for updates on all of our ongoing projects!”

Thanks, and we look forward to posting and interacting in the future!